Our Motto

Single Infrastructure for Unlimited Smart City Services

Tele Communication - All service providers will be provided ready infra trunk on city level and no repeated digging in the city is required. Provisions will be made in advance for multiple options for citizens of the city thus creating a competitive environment with no public inconvenience while introducing new service or a service provider.

WiFi Connectivity - Through same FTTx infrastructure, all public spots will be Wi‐Fi enabled and citizens will get free access to all civil / public service portals.

Power Management - Main grid will be connected with every house hold and industry / commercial establishment in the city and real time data collection will be done for monitoring and auditing. Citizens can access their account and manage the same with transparently. This will also monitor losses and pilferages and help increase efficiency in conservation.

Water Management - water supply will be intelligently managed and extra flow will be monitored as well as controlled to ensure balance the demand and supply.

Emergency Services Management - Emergency services for citizen support will be interconnected and integrated with other services like Police, Medical, Fire, Disaster, Traffic etc to ensure timely response and movement thus improve the quality of life .

Safety and Security Management - City will be under smart monitoring system through CCTV cameras and sensors to ensure safety and security of citizens.

Education System management - All schools, colleges and other institutes will be connected to provide e‐learning programs and will also be equipped with emergency services as being provided under the smart city .

Health Care Services - Integrated healthcare system for information and services be available for citizens with special services and response system for senior citizens/ distress cases.