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Radius Infratel Private Limited (RIPL), pioneered Fiber to the Home (FTTH) solutions in India in 2008. RIPL has successfully conceived and implemented “last mile solution” which addresses the needs of increasing bandwidth requirements of various IP based services. This optic fiber based solution is called Neutral Access Network Operation (NANO™)

Globally, the lightning speed Broadband connectivity for Voice, Video, Data rides on the strength of FTTH Fibre to the Home. We take the fibre to each home and help provide infotainment for various needs. We are the pioneer in Operator Neutral Network through our exclusive technology called NANO™ - Neutral Access Network Operations.

We have started our footmarks to be the trendsetter in changing the way enterprises and households in India and other countries will choose the way Voice, Video, Data shall be accessed.

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Services We Provide

FTTH/FTTB Networks are used to deliver the following services.


Internet/Data refers to use of Public Internet for accessing a vast range of information resources and services, such as the World Wide Web & electronic mail.


refers to the exchange of human bi-directional, real time, full-duplex conversations by use of IP or Other encoding and transport protocols.


refers to the exchange of visual material by use of IP (IPTV), RF (carried via a separate optical wavelength, overlay video) or Other encoding and transport protocols.

Residents has greatly benefited from the NANOnet FTTH system. The system is able to give freedom to the residents and reduce the maintenance cost. I feel this system is a need of the hour.

Mr. Shishir Kant - ATS Infrastructure Ltd.

The entire concept of having a single hub for all information and data, telecom, home automation and building management as provided by Radius is state-of-the-art. It is easy to manage, effective and efficient, but also adds huge value to the township which is not only functional but furturistic. Therefore, our partnership with Radius embodies all the value that we as a developer stand for and aim to deliver.

Mr. Soumik Bandyopadhyay, Chief Executive Officer - ATS Infrastructure Ltd.